Thursday, April 16, 2009

Team Uniforms

I'll post more as I get them. Yes, that's right. We wear bow ties, damn it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Current League Setup

Welcome to the league blog. We can use this blog to post a variety of things such as trade block reminders, ask league questions, vent about how your team just blew a 4 game series...whatever. I will grant access to the blog to owners once we begin.

We currently have 26 teams but I am going to assume that we'll get 30 eventually.

This is the current League/Division breakdown. If you have a problem being in a certain league/division let me know but remember -- no DH rule so the AL/NL should play exactly the same.

NL East
Charleston Cicadas
Hagerstown Gold Sox
Providence Steamrollers
Albany Capitals
Chapel Hill Tar Heels

NL Central
Youngstown Steelheads
Indianapolis Twisters
Dayton Drakes
New Orleans Weavers
St. Charles Rivermen

NL West
Alamogordo Atomics
Free State Browns
Chula Vista Herders
Idaho Spuds

AL East
Brooklyn Green Sox
Miami Beach Barracudas
Burlington Socialists
College Park Riots
Downingtown Devils

AL Central
Noblesville Hops
Novi Drillers
Hot Coffee Steamers
High Point Heat
Jefferson City Ragtime Nine

AL West
Manchester Industrials
Beverly Hills 90210
Farmington Phantoms
Vancouver Mounties
Santa Rosa Silvertips